The early years

GHE founding directors Andy and Ogo, both born and raised in London, started out working for estate agencies in East Dulwich, Streatham, Clapham and Kennington, gaining valuable experience and training, and making their own separate ways up the corporate ladder. Fast forward a few years and they were both working as managers in the same South London branch of one of the UK’s leading property consultancies. Successful, yes, but there was something nagging at them both. The corporate nature of the company, much like many in the sector with its uncompromisingly rigid rules, far too often unnecessarily cost their landlords and vendors dearly, and this did not sit well with either of them.

Armed with little more than their laptops, a space they cleared on Ogo’s dining table, and an unwavering determination to do it all so much better, they launched Global House Estates – an estate agency committed to dealing with vendors, landlords and investors as ‘people’, not just as numbers, and to treating their clients’ properties with the respect they lavish on their own homes.

GHE, local agency dedication with London-wide reach

Fast forward a few more years and Global House Estates has been rebranded GHE. We have new offices, a great team and the best technologies for rapid response agency work. We collaborate with all the major property portals and offline advertising media to ensure that properties our landlords, vendors and investors entrust us with are sold or let swiftly and for the very best prices, always. We have a management division that has just one job – which is to keep our landlords and tenants happy, no matter what it takes. We have come a long way from Ogo’s dining table, but we have retained our identity, our ethos, that passion which drew Andy and Ogo from their successful jobs to launch what would become GHE – an estate agency that:

  • Is totally dedicated to customer care
  • Tailors its service to fit the needs of its clients rather than asking them to fit ours
  • Commits to walk side by side with vendors from valuation to completion, acting as a salesperson, a property professional, a negotiator and a guide, ensuring that the experience never becomes overwhelming.
  • Offers local agency-style personal attention with big agency clout.

GHE are London’s riverside postcodes property specialists, though our portfolio represents properties from across the capital.

If you would like to work with an estate agency that truly cares about your property and your needs, contact us today on 0207 401 2020 or at