The essence of quality property management is expressed in the time and money it saves you, the convenience it offers, and the quality and speed with which our tradespeople approach each challenge.

The swift and effective resolution of each and every issue your tenants have reason to contact us about is the priority of our dedicated property management team. We make you look good and keep your tenants happy.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should book an appointment with our management team today

Peace of Mind

Both tenants and landlords can sleep easy knowing that their needs are supported by a professional and experienced property management team, available should the need arise.

Saves Time and Money

Don’t risk being regularly woken up in the middle of the night to handle your tenant’s every question or issue when our team are committed to finding the swiftest and most cost-effective solutions.

Happy Tenants

Put simply, happy tenants are more likely to be reliable tenants, and reliable tenants are more likely to be the ones you’ll want to renew. Our property management team’s role is to ensure that you have happy tenants.

Rapid Solutions

Over the last ten years we have built an enviable database of tradespeople that we trust to quickly and cost-effectively resolve any situation. So no matter what the problem, you can consider it fixed.

Skilled Team

Our dedicated team of property managers help to keep everyone calm, to find solutions and set them in motion, so your tenants are assured of your commitment to their continued happiness in your property.

Long Working Hours

Property managers never sleep… well, they do of course, but their long hours and diligence ensures that when problems arise they’ll be there to solve them.

Property Management at its best

Landlords are busy people, often with multiple properties to look after or other careers to tend to, which is why the discovery of a reliable property management service dedicated to safeguard both a landlord’s costs and their tenant’s happiness is such a valuable find.

GHE have been collecting and processing rent, fielding tenant calls, conducting regular property inspections, organising check in and check out inventories, and managing deposits, as well as solving tenant or property issues quickly and cost-effectively for more than a decade.

We not only have a dedicated team of property managers working in our offices, but they have a veritable army of tradespeople on speed dial to rush to the property and professionally, and just as importantly, cost-effectively, handle any situation. The team can also arrange for annual gas certificates, PAT tests and EPCs, and offer advice on tax issues related to your rental property, should you wish.

Our job is to take on the burden of your responsibilities to your tenant, and through doing so, by proving that you value their tenancy you increase the likelihood of their renewal at the end of their contract.

To discuss your specific property management needs and to discover the various service levels we have available, please do contact us on 0207 401 2020, at or use the contact form opposite